Book recommendation: SFML Game Development

I really wonder why I haven’t done this before, but while I was discussing about Packt Publishing with someone on IRC, I remembered that I’ve always wanted to mention a book in my blog which I think is worth reading!

Let me introduce “SFML Game Development“: The book, written by a couple of SFML team or community members, is targeted at SFML (not necessarily C++) beginners who want to learn the main features of the SFML library for game development. You will develop a full game from scratch while learning all the different topics that are required to learn game development with SFML.

One of the biggest advantages I see in the book is that the authors have deep C++ knowledge and use the language in a very modern way, which you can clearly see and feel when reading the book. In my opinion especially game development mostly consists of very complex data structures and interactions between sub-systems. The authors do a good job tackling with that.

There are some things I don’t fully agree with, like how error reporting is done (or not done) in some parts, or that there’s no component-based entity design. However the authors make clear why they haven’t chosen to do components: It would go beyond the constraints. That’s why they at least mentioned that there are other approaches, and even added a link to this blog! Thanks again for that, Jan!

My conclusion is a clear recommendation. The book is helpful, written in an easy way, the examples are superb, and the game you get in the end is more complex than what you usually do in books.

Get it on Amazon or Packt Publishing!

Thank you!

I just wanted to say “Thank you” to all of my readers! I got a lot of feedback, and some of the articles were the initial impulse for some people to rethink about their code and try different approaches.

I also received the second transaction from Leanpub this week, which makes about $100 in total! I’m really thankful – even though the articles are available online for free, the fact that people still purchase/donate makes me really happy.

I’m already thinking about some fresh topics to write about. In case you’ve got something interesting (and not specific to your project), leave a comment.